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Quiet Contemplation

Quiet Contemplation

November 26, 20232 min read

Our lake house overlooks the water. Down near the shore, there is a giant rock. It’s massive. It’s a place I like to go to contemplate life.

After my walk this morning, I walked down to that big rock. I stood there and gazed out over the lake. As it was still early, the lake was covered in fog, and there was a gentle breeze. As I watched, the fog began to lift with the help of that lovely breeze. It was then that I started breathing intentionally and thinking about life. I thought about what we wanted to do with the property and the wonderful times my family and I have shared here. I’ve always been drawn to water. Being near water fills me up and allows me to think.

Sometimes I sit on that rock and reflect on all the 53 years of my life. Sometimes I’m in awe of how it has turned out. Sometimes I’m not as surprised. But mostly I’m grateful. 

Today, I’m grateful for my body. The body that helped me climb the hills on my one mile walk. The body that helped me get down to my rock safely. The legs that are still moving and the heart and lungs that are still moving oxygen throughout my body. I’m grateful for the lake house that provides us protection from the elements. 

I would encourage you to find a spot where you can contemplate life. Spend some time thinking, reflecting, and planning. Carve out 10 minutes every day. You can make a mental gratitude list in your head or you can write it down. There’s no need to make this complicated. Keep it simple by setting aside time to contemplate life and express gratitude. It’s never too late to start practicing the art of gratitude and living in the moment. Namaste.

My journal Kickstarting Wellness is a great tool for you to plan, reflect, and express your desires in life each day. It will help to keep you accountable

What I’ve learned: Spending 10 minutes a day on gratitude and reflection is powerful and calming.

Tania Farran

Tania Farran is an educator, mom, business owner, and an author. Her blogs tell about balancing all of these things in life! Laugh or cry with her and maybe learn a thing or two.

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