The Virtual Wellness Experience Pricing

Early Bird Pricing $75.00

General Admission Tickets on sale $175.00

One Day Ticket Sale options available for $100.00

Learn from experts in their field on topics that can improve your work day and teach you strategies to improve your daily life.

The Virtual Wellness Summit is a comprehensive event designed specifically for social workers, educators, and tech ed employees. Taking place on March 21nd & 22rd 2025, this two-day virtual conference aims to provide valuable insights and strategies on achieving wellness in all areas of your life.

Our summit boasts an exceptional lineup of presenters from around the world. These experts bring years of experience and expertise in their respective fields, ensuring that attendees receive top-notch guidance and knowledge. Our presenters specialize in topics such as wellness, health and fitness, leadership, education, and parenting.

The event features a wide range of sessions that cover essential aspects of wellness. Attendees will gain practical strategies and actionable tips that can be implemented immediately after the summit concludes. These sessions are designed to leave a lasting impact, enabling attendees to improve their quality of life in the long run.

Our presenters are committed to providing inspirational and thought-provoking content. They will challenge attendees to critically analyze their work and life balance, encouraging them to broaden their thinking and explore personal growth opportunities. By attending this summit participants will gain the tools and knowledge to take action and make positive changes in areas that need improvement. Ultimately, this conference aims to help attendees become happier and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

Virtual Wellness Presenter Magazine

Helpful Living Magazine partnered up with Virtual Wellness Special Edition. This issue focuses on individuals who have products, services, and are passionate about helping individuals take their wellness journey to the next level. Read about coaches, authors, and speakers that focuses on self-care, wellness, and physical health.

Unveiling The Virtual Wellness Summit 2024

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