OCTOBER 4 & 5 2024

This summit is filled with amazing presenters that will cover the following topics:

Social Media



Financial Skills

Organizational Skills

Coaching and Mentorship

Family Dynamics

Health and Fitness

Leadership and Career

Learn about the presenters for ​The Professional Work-Life Balance Summit From the 2023 Summit

The Professional: Work-Life Balance Summit 2023 Reel

-Truth lies in the words -

Words from our presenters and attendees mean the most to us

"The Professional Work-Life Balance Summit this weekend was a great investment of my time. The presenters are subject-matter-experts in their respective fields related to this topic, but their messages followed a number of common themes. While there is no quick fix or ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, I came away from the summit with the guidance and tools I need in order to (1) ensure that I always accept, embrace and respect my “authentic self”; (2) set and enforce boundaries; and (3) take better control of the life I want to live. Kudos to Dr. Tania Farran and Damian Kinsey for putting together the event, the presenters who participated and all who showed up for the individual workshops I attended. Can’t wait for the next summit!"

Phyllis Anderson -2023 Summit Attendee

"I enjoyed the whole Summit! I appreciate your vision. I didn't Plan to stay all day but the information in each session was so good!"

-Dr. Sheila Thomas -2023 Summit Presenter

Good morning Tania, I’m reaching out to you because I want to let you know how amazing this event was. I was also able to attend the presentation about gut health. I’ve learned so much.

- Andressa - 2023 Summit Attendee

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